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Oil and Gas Jobs in Dammam Saudi Arabia

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  • LiveDrill Bit Runners OR Technical Sales Engineer Drill Bits Specialist OR Sales Manager Drill bit Specialist

    Saudi Arabia > DammamSales/Marketing > Technical Sales

    Key Requirements

    The Bit Runner represents the company at the drill site for the drill bit usage. He performs the following duties: • Ensures that the bits are put to use by the drilling company as per the recommended criteria • Ensures that any wrong or misuse of the bit by drilling operation is recorded • Works with the drillers to ensure they know the best way to maximize the life, efficiency and performance of the bits • Prepares the post drilling records detailing the start-to-finish performance of the drill bit • Represents and contests any adverse performance reports detailing and distinguishing the reason that led to the low performance Reports to the bits manager. Relevant Experience 4 Onshore experience

    Job Description

    The Bit Runner represents the company at the drill site for the drill bit usage. He performs the following duties: • Ensures that the bits are put to use by the drilling company as per the recommended criteria • Ensures that any wrong or misuse of the bit by drilling operation is recorded • Works with the drillers to ensure they know the best way to maximize the life, efficiency and performance of the bits • Prepares the post drilling records detailing the start-to-finish performance of the drill bit • Represents and contests any adverse performance reports detailing and distinguishing the reason that led to the low performance Reports to the bits manager. Relevant Experience 4 Onshore experience

    Type: Staff or Contract / InternationalSalary: Not stated

    People working as Drill Bit Runners OR Technical Sales Engineer Drill Bits Specialist OR Sales Manager Drill bit Specialist.

    Posted: Wed 24 May at 12:50       Expires: Sun 23 Jul at 12:50

  • LiveSlickiline Specialist

    Saudi Arabia > DammamEngineering > Slickline

    Key Requirements

    Years of experience 12 year or more Minimum 10 years Relevant Experience 10 years in wireline operation Educational qualification Diploma

    Job Description

    Slickline services operations perform a safe, cost-efficient means to complete or enhance production in pressurized or static wellbores. Slickline operations involve the use of slickline, specialty line or braided line in conjunction with operation specific tools to: • install and retrieve valves, plugs and pressure regulators; • remove sand and paraffin from the wellbore; • run instruments to record bottom hole pressure and temperature; and • install and retrieve gas lift valves. Due to the associated complexities of working in wells under pressure, safety is a critical and is given primary importance at each level (IWCF/ IADC Certification required). Operations include different types of slickline operations such as fishing, bailing and perforating. This role involves ensuring a healthy and safe work environment, facilitating safe work procedures and practices, and implementing environmental policies. This position also includes supporting relationships with customers and supervising crew training. Responsible for gathering and loading all necessary equipment, materials and parts for each job. Responsible for making any necessary repairs to equipment, re-stocking parts and materials at the completion of each job. Responsible for on-the-job, day-to-day safety of his crew. Must have thorough knowledge of well downhole configurations and characteristics. Responsible for making certain decisions on well conditions. Broad knowledge of running and pulling tools. Ability to fish tools from well. Responsible for accurately setting and retrieving wireline plugs. Responsible for assisting crew members during plug and abandonment operations. Supports and participates in the organization's requirements by complying with Quality & Safety Policies, Procedures and Objectives Performs other duties as assigned In order to succeed at this role consultant will need to have: • Client interactions and crew management skills • Fluency in English

    Type: Staff or Contract / SiteSalary: As per company

    Slickline Specialist with Valid IWCF / IADC Certification

    Posted: Tue 23 May at 19:26       Expires: Sat 22 Jul at 19:26

  • LiveCoil Tubing Supervisor with Hydra rig and of high pressure, gas wells experience

    Saudi Arabia > DammamDrilling > Coiled Tubing

    Key Requirements

    Experience of Hydra rig 5100 series and of high pressure, gas well. minimum years of experience 7+ Educational qualification Diploma in Engineering Onshore experience is must Technical Qualifications / Certifications / Attributes: 1 Well Control (either IADC or ICWF) Mandatory 2 pS Certification Mandatory 3 Good level of English. Mandatory

    Job Description

    Driving and operating coiled tubing unit or support equipment (Fluid pump, Nitrogen Pump, Crane, Transports) in efforts to assist in completion of or intervention procedures on oil and gas wells. The CT Supervisor is in-charge of CT jobs, surface equipment, data acquisition and maintenance of the CT system. • Should be able to perform the maintenance by self on the following: Chiksans, Butterfly valves, Hamer valves, Treating equipment, C-Pumps, others on location, Triplex pump, Ball valves • Responsible for directing and coordinating the activities of a 2-4 member coiled tubing crew, along with the equipment assigned to that crew • Accurately complete and turn in regulatory and compliance paperwork associated with job duties (DOT logs, load sheets, trip reports). • Audit/Risk Analysis before each job, reported to cell leader Role Specifications (Mention the as-close-to-real acceptance criteria)

    Type: Staff or Contract / InternationalSalary: Not stated

    Looking for Coil Tubing Supervisors with Hydra rig and of high pressure, gas wells experience

    Posted: Tue 23 May at 13:23       Expires: Tue 06 Jun at 13:23

  • LiveSurface Well Testing Supervisor with Data Acquisition system (hardware & Software)

    Saudi Arabia > DammamEngineering > Well Testing

    Key Requirements

    . A minimum of 10 years of experience in the field . Representative knowledge of industry standards in well testing . Safety leadership skills . Experience of sand management is bonus . An ability to manage a multi-cultural work force . Experience of having worked in High Pressure wells is good to have . Reports to well testing manager . Educational qualification Diploma in Engineering . Onshore experience is must .Person Should have served for oil field servicing companies.

    Job Description

    Surface Well Testing Supervisor's primary responsibility will be to manage and oversee a crew of well test professionals. The supervisor will also act as a client liaison and will be responsible for planning service works, equipment maintenance, work process optimization and delivering well testing jobs to a high and safe standard. The role description is standard in OFS Well Service and no major variance is foreseen. • Supervise and perform periodical test programs and monitor well performance in low/high pressure onshore, sweet /sour gas, oil & gas wells. • Have good operational and maintenance skills of following equipment – flow head, choke manifold 10K & 15 K, 3-Phase horizontal separator, sand trap and sand filters, SSV (surface safety valve), indirect heaters, ESD (emergency shutdown system). Artificial lifts like electrical submersible pumps, sucker rod pumps, progressive cavity pumps, beam gas compressors on low gas producing well, transfer pump, surge tank and gauge tanks etc. • Have operational capabilities of testing well production range of 100 to 5,000 bbl/d with BS&W range of 0 to 100 % and API gravity range of 15 to 45 on mobile production separator. • Have good operational and complete calibration skills of following equipments - Dead weight testers, Senior Orifice meter Daniel, Pressure controllers, pressure test pumps, Level controllers, Pressure and level actuators, Safety relief valves, Flow computer, differential chart recorders Barton, oil and gas flow meters, chemical injection, API kit, salinity kit, etc. • Knowledge of ASTM standard methods for water cut analysis, API gravity analysis, Gas gravity analysis, Salinity analysis, pH . • Good knowledge of development and implementation of safe operating procedures. • Experience in Data Acquisition System( hardware and software)

    Type: Staff or Contract / InternationalSalary: Not stated

    Looking for surface Well testing Supervisor having working experience on data acquisition system (hardware & software) like Fardux, Fekete, Edge-X etc.

    Posted: Tue 23 May at 13:14       Expires: Sat 22 Jul at 13:14

  • LiveSenior Specialist in EOR/IOR

    Saudi Arabia > DammamDrilling

    Key Requirements

    10 years of experience good communication certifications

    Job Description

    establishing and administering drilling and service contracts; coordinating and supervising the work of the drilling team; undertaking engineering design and the planning of wells (including development work); designing directional well paths (horizontally or multi-laterally, as appropriate); managing operations on behalf of small clients; contributing to conceptual field development design; working with multidisciplinary professionals to evaluate the commercial viability of the well and monitor progress during drilling; returning the site to its natural environmental setting if drilling is not to be pursued.

    Type: Staff or Contract / Site, OfficeSalary: Not stated

    Provides hands on reservoir engineering activities within the company's assets and/or new business opportunities to ensure proper implementation of development plans designed to optimize or improve ultimate recovery. Includes initiating and guiding in Improved/Enhanced Hydrocarbon (HC) Recovery pilot programs, reservoir monitoring, and field development studies to determine medium and long-term implications of different depletion options.

    Posted: Tue 09 May at 13:14       Expires: Sat 08 Jul at 13:14

  • LiveReservoir Engineer

    Saudi Arabia > DammamEngineering > Reservoir

    Key Requirements

    RESPONSIBILITIES • Top Commitment to QHSSE. • The collection and preparation of data for simulation models. • Analysis of the input data for the GDM (DRO, analysis and processing of the RPT, PVT etc.). • Analysis of the current state of development of the field. • Create and adapt constantly-acting hydrodynamic model. • Creation and calculation of predicted field development options and forecast scenarios. • Geo-steering on 3D hydrodynamic model, updating the model in real-time (Tempest, Eclipse). • Offering optimal solutions for further development. • Planning RPM system, cyclic flooding. • Planning GTM: recommendations for BSA, etc . • Making reports and presentations based on the work performed, projects for customer. • Participation in seminars and scientific sessions, including at the customer's. • Participation in the preparation for tenders (preparation of presentations, business correspondence, etc.).

    Job Description

    SKILLS • User certificate of special software for creating reservoir simulation models (Tempest, Eclipse, etc.); • User certificate of special software for analysis of development plan and creating maps (ResView, etc.). • User certificate of special software for creating PVT models (PVTx, PVTsim). Role Specifications (Mention the as-close-to-real acceptance criteria) Particulars Preferred Acceptable Years of experience 5+ of relevant RE experience; overall 8+ 3+ of relevant RE experience; overall 6+ Educational qualification Graduate Degree Graduate Degree Nationality Expats (South India, SEA, North Africa) Technical Qualifications / Certifications / Attributes: 1 Requisite professional certifications Mandatory (Listed above under ‘SKILLS’) 2 Proficiency in communicating in English Mandatory

    Type: Long Term Contract / Site, OfficeSalary: Not stated

    The Senior Reservoir Engineer is a key technical contributor who identifies solutions that are clearly relevant to client needs and that impact For Client business. Responsibilities include assisting with introduction of new technologies and answer products. Working in the arena of reservoir engineering but with a good understanding of other technical domains. A Senior Reservoir Engineer understands the interaction and overlap with other disciplines on multiple client projects, have strong teamwork, presentation, and people skills. Will be working face to face with clients and have the adaptab...

    Posted: Tue 09 May at 13:06       Expires: Sat 08 Jul at 13:06

  • LiveSenior Drilling engineer

    Saudi Arabia > DammamDrilling > Completions

    Key Requirements

    experience more than 5 year international experience is preferable communication skills certifications

    Job Description

    preparing well data sheets; designing and selecting well-head equipment; drawing up drilling programmes, taking account of desired production flow rates; obtaining relevant data, carrying out engineering analysis on site and recommending necessary actions and writing up reports; monitoring the daily progress of well operations; keeping track of current daily costs, comparing actual costs with expenditure proposals and recommending cost-effective changes; liaising with specialist contractors and suppliers, such as cement companies or suppliers of drilling fluids; monitoring safety and ensuring the good maintenance of the well; adhering to environmental protection standards, in some cases through direct discussion with local governments to ensure compliance with legislative requirements;

    Type: Staff or Contract / Site, OfficeSalary: Not stated

    Location : Saudi Arabia • Payment:- We will pay only to days on, not for day off. • Contact Type:- Open end contract, no time limitation • Facilities:- Food, Accommodation, Transportation, Visa will be provided.

    Posted: Tue 09 May at 12:54       Expires: Sat 08 Jul at 12:54

  • LiveZone Supervisor Mechanical

    Saudi Arabia > DammamEngineering > Mechanical

    Key Requirements

    B.Tech. / B.E. / B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. Detailed practical knowledge & experience of machinery obtained through an Engineering Apprenticeship or similar formal training programme. Minimum Five years relevant experience in refinery or other related heavy/process industry, with a major process Plant Manufacturers. Have a good knowledge of the principles, practices & technology associated with the installation, operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment installed in refineries. Must have detailed knowledge of craft practices and procedures. Have detailed knowledge of Maintenance and Operating procedures pertaining to equipment or facilities being worked on. Experienced in & been actively involved in 'troubleshooting' machinery problems. Good communication skills-English written & verbal. Able to write detailed technical reports and recommendations. Computer skills and familiarity with company IT systems. Knowledge of Condition Monitoring techniques and their application. Good leadership qualities with supervisory and organisational ability and able to issue clear, concise instructions. Have a driving licence.

    Job Description

    Identifies and defines the scope of fault work, directs, controls, monitors and ensures the quality and quantity of all routine, planned or crises mechanical work done by various crafts Technicians/ Tradesmen in his nominated zone of responsibility. Allocates work, organizes permits when required, interacts with operations and other sections and monitors progress to ensure safe working in compliance with company standards and procedures. Inspects plant to scope work faults reported by production staff in order to make recommendations for maintenance and repair as input for pre-planning. Discusses with Planners/Schedulers progress, criticality and newly available work, staffing and spares resources to ensure that jobs are optimally progressed and resourced. Records in Maintenance Management System details of work done, faults found, parts replaced, time spent etc. for history and future reference. Investigates possible or known plant problems to identify and provide potential solutions to availability, reliability or integrity problems. Participates and contributes in ad-hoc working parties, investigations, HAZOPS & audits, training, daily tool box talks, monthly safety meetings, fire and safety training,. first aid training etc. to ensure the well-being of staff and plant.

    Type: Staff or Contract / Site, InternationalSalary: Negotiable

    Our client is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.

    Posted: Mon 08 May at 12:53       Expires: Fri 07 Jul at 12:53

  • LivePetroleum Technologist

    Saudi Arabia > DammamEngineering

    Key Requirements

    At least 10 years E&P experience as a Completion Engineer / Production Technologist / Petroleum Engineer / Production Engineer / Completion Engineer. Good interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate and work with Exploration, Reservoir, Facilities and Operations teams. English language is essential. Previous experience in technical and economical evaluation of Oil & Gas production projects. Practical hands on experience in operational issues related with subsurface engineering and down-hole production engineering. Previous experience in leading cross functional teams, creating liaisons with external research organisations and providing economical justification for all programmes to senior management and field partners. Specific Skills required in production engineering (Well Intervention): Upper and Lower Completion Design, DST, workover programs, support Well Design, Sand Control design and execution, Artificial Lift design and installations, Well Stimulation Proposal, Well testing, log analysis and PVT surveys and innovative intervention technologies.

    Job Description

    Develop project proposals figuring out all the technical aspects, in liaison with cost estimation and realistic schedule of project work. Perform and deliver production technology studies, in order to achieve a proper well delivery for all the production and optimization projects. Implement new technologies when necessary. Pro-actively communicate the projects' status with the project sponsors. Prepare clear recommendations, options or alternatives to enhance production performance. Job Requirements: Bachelor's or Master's degree in Petroleum Engineering.

    Type: Staff or Contract / SiteSalary: Excellent

    Our client is one of the world's largest integrated oil companies.

    Posted: Thu 04 May at 12:45       Expires: Mon 03 Jul at 12:45

  • LiveCementing Supervisor

    Saudi Arabia > DammamDrilling > Cementing

    Key Requirements

    Experience – 7-10 years with a Well Servicing Company Age – 27-40 years old - Past experience in Saudi Arabian Well Servicing preferable - Experience with Serva equipment would be an asset Has to be a Leader and able to mentor/train his crew in all aspects of our job i.e. Rig up/down, calculations etc..

    Job Description

    Manages interface with the customer to ensure job site execution is as designed. • Follows up with the customer regarding job site performance. Ensures customer satisfaction • Maintains documented performance measures and results for best practices • Promotes and takes an active part in the Service Quality Process • Plans and performs necessary calculations for the total job at the well site as needed • Coordinates and directs the activities of operators during the rigging up and down of service line equipment on location and the assembly and preparation of equipment for installation, running, and service of a job. • At the end of each job coordinates the cleaning of equipment in preparation for the next job. • Evaluates the inpidual performance levels of the crews and trains them to improve their job performance. • Looking for someone who can work independently.

    Type: Staff or Contract / SiteSalary: As Per Company

    Cementing Supervisor with Serva Unit Experience

    Posted: Fri 28 Apr at 12:37       Expires: Tue 27 Jun at 12:37

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