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More Oil and Gas Workers Falling Victim to Recruitment Scams in Downturn.

Published in Oil Industry News on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Graphic for News Item: More Oil and Gas Workers Falling Victim to Recruitment Scams in Downturn.

With BP reporting more disastrous results and the threat of thousands of more redundancies the scammers are back with a vengeance, preying on the vulnerable oil and gas workers.

There are a lot of job scams out there, and many of them are very well prepared and sound very appealing. Some of them even steal the name of a legitimate company and recreate their website in order to appear legitimate. They may have phone and fax numbers and mailing addresses. They'll probably promise you an overseas or offshore job, huge salaries and a great benefits package. But all of them will try to get your money at some point. 

Greenock Petroleum and Gas Company Ltd

One such scam currently in operation concerns a company called Greenock Petroleum and Gas Company Ltd, which seems to have been tempting candidates through a jobsite based in India called Naukri.com, with job opportunities based in Scotland, UK.

All the candidates have to do is to send their CV to "pascalrecruitmentagency@gmail.com", following which they receive an email back acknowledging receipt and advising that their application has been forwarded to Greenock Petroleum and Gas Company Ltd. A few days later they receive another email stating that their CV really wowed the hiring manager and a job offer will be sent in due course.

Lo and behold a few days later a 6 page offer of employment is sent to the "successful" candidates offering a fantastic salary, free housing, car allowance, entertainment allowance etc. but they MUST have a "Scottish work visa", which they will have to buy and that is when the scammers pounce.

Why am I writing this? Because I am the owner of Pascal Recruitment Agency Ltd, a small specialist recruitment agency based in the UK, which, whether by luck or judgement, has had our name implicated with this scam by using it in a gmail account. As a result I am trying to do all in my powers to stop this scam. As soon as it came to our attention we put a “spam report” on our website, posted on LinkedIn under the title "Urgent help needed to stop a scam", informed the relevant authorities and advised any candidates who contacted us directly that this is a scam.

However we do not know how many have been contacted or how many are still being fooled and about to pay for their "visas", so please spread the word as much as you can amongst your colleagues and company.

We have also heard about scam jobs from Total, Shlumberger and others this week and so here are a few simple pointers to help you avoid being scammed.

What are the scammers after?

First we have to understand what the scammers aim is. This can be to get money from you and/or to get your personal details, including Bank details, in order to “steal” your identity and either get money from your account or to commit a fraud in your name.

Use of a free email provider

No legitimate company or recruitment agency would use a free email provider address i.e. gmail, yahoo etc, so if there are instructions to contact them via such an email address, you should already be extremely suspicious.

Check the company names

If the oil/gas company or recruitment agency name is mentioned then google them to make sure they exist. A quick search of Greenock Petroleum and Gas Company Ltd will show that it doesn't exist (although a new website has suddenly appeared www.greenockpgcltd.com). If they do exist contact them directly through their website and not via a gmail, yahoo account etc.  

Never pay any fee to apply for a job.

No legitimate oil/gas company or recruitment agency will charge you a fee to apply for a job. 

Never give out your Bank details.

Unless you are 100% sure that the role and company are valid never give out your Bank details prior to you starting work with the company.

Candidates will always be interviewed.

No company is going to hire you for a high paying overseas or offshore job based solely on email. You should expect to undertake several interviews most will be at the company's offices, although some could be by telephone or skype initially.

Finally, if it sounds too good to be true.

You should be suspicious of any job offer for a position that you are not qualified for, or for a salary that seems unrealistically high. 

With the severe downturn in the industry please be careful as the scammers are targeting candidates within the sector as being the most vulnerable. 

You have been warned and make sure to warn all your friends and colleagues too.

Please leave comments and feedback below


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