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HSE Engineer - Statistics and Analysis

You Can't Apply

This position is no longer open for applications.

Health & Safety > HSE

Status: Expired

Due to a major restructuring of several of my clients divisions the position of HSE Engineer has become available. The role is fulltime based in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. The job purpose is to support the HSE Department in fulfilling its obligations for effective monitoring and analysis of company HSE Performance and provide method of control and preventive measures

Job Details

Location: Saudi Arabia > Jubail

Salary: On Application

Working Locations: Site, Office, International

Posted: 18/01/2012 22:00:00

Expires: 18/03/2012 22:00:00

Key Requirements

Bachelors Degree Any discipline, Engineering / Non-engineering and having
specialized courses in safety / HSE management.
Minimum of 3 months or 240 hours (accumulated) of basic HSE
courses and 40 hours of advanced HSE courses.

Job Description

Prepare the weekly, monthly & annual HSE Statistics and
Performance report for the separate divisions and the entire
? Analyze the trend of incidents or accidents and suggest appropriate
method of corrective and preventive measures to have effective
? Coordinate with related staffs in collecting the data details and
prepare adequate lessons learnt publications.
? Use the information gathered to create statistical models and
graphical representations’ for further dissemination.
? Support HSE department staff, Divisions and other Departments for
any HSE Statistics requirements (internal or external).
? Support in preparing department and company yearly target goals
and objectives specifically the HSE Performance Indicators.
? Support HSE department in preparing management presentations
related to HSE Performance and Statistics.
? Maintain HSE record-keeping and provide adequate documentation
on occupational monitoring activities.
? Maintain filing system on HSE Summary Reports (weekly, monthly
and annual), HSE Inspections & Audits reports, HSE Orientation /
Training records, Injury reports, MVA/MVI & Heavy Equipment
reports, Fire Incident, Serious Incidents, HSE Violations, IDO or Near
Miss Incidents, Male Nurse Summary reports, HSE Awards &
Recognitions, HSE Staffs Resumes, Man-hours, MSDS, HSE
Circulars / AVO, and other correspondences.
? Ensure that all HSE records are properly identified, filed, stored,
retained and disposed.
? Coordinate to all Division HSE staff for all weekly incident report and
Project HSE staff for various HSE document requirements.
? Coordinate all HSE related activities in consultation with the HSE
Department Manager.
? Participate in any HSE inspection, audit, investigation and counseling
(if required) and provide appropriate recommendation.
Arrange and participate in meetings, conferences, and project HSE
team activities.
6 years exclusively in construction safety or industrial safety field.
Preferably having international / Saudi Aramco or Sabic Projects
experienced and special exposure and experience as Statistical Analyst.
Strong English speaking, reading and writing

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  • LiveSafety Advisor

    Saudi ArabiaHealth & Safety > Safety Advisor

    Key Requirements

    1. ITC: English, ERW; Math, MI.
    2. Fifteen (15) years of experience in refinery, maintenance, plants or pipeline operations, 5 years of which must have been in the capacity of at least Foreman. In addition, the candidate must have completed all job requirements, as reflected on the currently approved department-developed Job Ladder for the position, and be job certified through the T&CD Corporate Career Planning System.
    3. A B.S. degree in engineering with 7 years of experience.
    4. Have an ability to write reports and make oral presentations in English.
    5. A proven ability to respond to a variety of work situations.

    Job Description

    • Assisting the manager in maintaining an active departmental Safety Program; periodically review and input data, as required, for achieving optimum departmental safety goals.
    • Investigate and advise on the critical activities and related safety issues and recommend procedures to improve.
    • Provide personal support to all safety activities and safety procedures.
    • Instill safety awareness through personal periodic safety contacts and conduct safety discussions at departmental meetings.
    • Promote safety awareness and share the new company safety regulations to all department personnel.
    • Conduct and lead investigation committees for safety related incidents and near misses as required; and track, follow-up and report on the recommendations.
    • Apply thorough root cause/Tap Root® analysis in all safety related investigations when involved.
    • Conduct site visits on a regular bases to inspect and ensure environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance.
    • Conduct safety related frequent studies and audits as required.
    • Assist management in evaluating safety recommendations and suggestions.
    • Review departmental accidents and provide recommendations for prevention of future accidents.
    • Facilitate corporate safety reviews and ensure all recommendations are implemented.
    • Track and report the progress of all safety related recommendations.
    • Attend quarterly safety inspections of various pisions.
    • Ensure that prompt corrective action is initiated whenever unsafe conditions and unsafe acts are noted.
    • Facilitate and critique the department emergency drills.
    • Conduct periodic reviews of the MSSD Safety Management System Manual and issue timely revisions as required.
    • Prepare and attend Safety Management Committee (SMC) meetings; take minutes of the meetings; generate action item reports and follow-up on all items till completion.
    • Follow-up with the pisional safety officers on the implementation of all approved safety ideas such as suggestions, unsafe conditions, etc.
    • Conduct regular meetings with pision safety officers to discuss and review safety activities being implemented or that will be implemented in the department.
    • Produce and issue to management a monthly “Safety Performance Report,” which should include safety related statistics, KPIs and subsequent analysis where necessary.
    • Train nominated safety officers to handle EH&S responsibilities.
    • Organize safety themed campaigns to raise the department safety awareness.

    Type: Staff / TBCSalary: TBC


    As one of the world’s largest fully integrated energy enterprises, Saudi Aramco not only looks for inpiduals who can meet our expectations but for those inpiduals who can exceed them. Our intent is to become the world’s leading integrated energy company by 2020, and to accomplish our goals we want and encourage you to Dream Big. The professional rewards at Saudi Aramco are amazing, but so too are the lifestyle and benefits.

    Saudi Aramco is seeking a Technical Safety Advisor to join Saudi Aramco’s Mechanical Services Department.

    Your role will be pri...

    Posted: Mon 31 Aug at 19:54       Expires: Mon 28 Sep at 19:54

  • LiveSr. Industrial Skills Trainer Firefighting

    Saudi ArabiaHealth & Safety > Safety Trainer

    Key Requirements

    A bachelor's degree (industrial/vocational education or in some cases engineering/science) plus six (6) years of industrial experience; or experience as a trainer in industrial or vocational skills, three (3) years of which must be as a Saudi Aramco industrial skills trainer.


    • Completion of ITC: English reading and writing (ERW) and industrial math (IM). Expatriates must have a high school or equivalent certificate) plus 13 years of experience, including a minimum one (1) year field assignment in the skills to be taught, and a minimum of three (3) years of experience as a Saudi Aramco industrial skills instructor/trainer.

    • Completion of the Saudi Aramco Job Skills Trainer Certification Program or its equivalent.

    • Working knowledge of Saudi Aramco training techniques, methods and programs.

    • Proficiency in spoken and written English. Proficiency in spoken and written Arabic is desirable.

    Job Description

    1. Instructs trainees to terminal objectives in complex plant systems, operations and controls.
    2. Obtains training materials, supplies, audiovisual equipment, tools and training aids needed to conduct lessons.
    3. Prepares personalized lesson plans from approved course control documents (POI's).
    4. Adopts and/or constructs training aids.
    5. Administers, proctors and grades written and performance tests.
    6. Observes, counsels and evaluates trainees and trainers.
    7. Prepares trainee records, such as attendance, grade and progress sheets.
    8. Maintains discipline, safety, and housekeeping standards at his classroom, shop, or work site.
    9. Develops performance based instruction and tests as a curriculum development team member.
    10. Recommends administrative actions for trainees.
    11. Coordinates onsite training activities with plant personnel and selects and arranges field trips for trainees.
    12. Advises on utilization of material, facilities and equipment to support training.
    13. Recommends improved training methods and procedures.
    14. Revises training programs based upon validated feedback.
    15. Provides input to management as requested: budget planning, facility utilization, training plans, in-service development training paths, enrollment matters and curriculum changes.
    16. Performs as a subject matter expert for curriculum writers.
    17. Conducts classroom/shop observations for other trainers/instructors.
    18. Advises other trainers/instructors as required and serves as a mentor for Saudi Arab Industrial Skills Trainers/Instructors I & II.
    19. Conducts PMP tasks when requested by the supervisor.
    20. Performs other training and training related duties assigned by the supervisor.
    21. Conducts behavioral safety observation (BSO) tours.
    22. Conducts safety talks to his colleagues and trainees.

    Type: Staff / TBCSalary: TBC

    The Advanced Fire Training Center (AFTC) located in Ras Tanura is the primary fire training center for the Fire Protection Department for advanced level hands-on emergency response training. The AFTC began delivery of courses in May 2005. A study indicated a strong need for a new fire training facility that could meet three criteria:
    1. Provide scenarios so realistic as to approach what crews might actually face at a large scale industrial emergency.
    2. Provide scenarios that address the full breadth of the assets the department is required to protect.
    3. Offer a curriculum t...

    Posted: Mon 31 Aug at 19:54       Expires: Mon 28 Sep at 19:54

  • LiveFire Protection Engineer

    Saudi ArabiaHealth & Safety > Fire Protection

    Key Requirements

    1. EDUCATION: B.S. in engineering.
    2. EXPERIENCE: Five years of professional experience, preferably in the oil or similar process industry.
    3. LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS: A thorough knowledge of English is required to perform work as described; make clear and concise verbal and written reports; and keep up with technical advancements. Arabic is not required, but is desirable for American incumbents in this position.
    4. OTHER: Must have a thorough knowledge of engineering practices and economic principles, calculation methods, design details, U.S. and Aramco codes, standards and specifications.

    Job Description

    1. Develop continuous improvement solutions and formulate the design basis by collecting and analyzing information and data relative to operating requirements, process, economic considerations and such other pertinent factors as may be involved as a preliminary step in support of proposals for new construction, modifications or maintenance to equipment.
    2. Develop cost estimates for the cost of engineering, labor, equipment and materials based on analysis of preliminary design data; draw up the expenditure request and justification; and assemble the supporting detail; review the work of others so engaged and recommend such changes as may be required.
    3. Lead the development of engineering specification Rev 0 and develop material and equipment specifications, and resolve related engineering problems in rendering the design by applying accepted engineering principles, codes and standards; making the necessary diagrams and calculations; and considering the economic factors involved.
    4. Assist other engineers in identifying solutions for problems outside their specialty (application).
    5. Outline the supporting service requirements such as drafting, surveying, materials take-off, requisitioning and clerical services; check and coordinate the progress of such work; and review it for accuracy upon completion.
    6. Review the work performed elsewhere than in SAO for conformance with SAO conditions and to assure its appropriate relationship to existing installations; and if required, redesign and recommend necessary modifications.
    7. Study and recommend appropriate sites and locations for proposed installations and facilities.
    8. Act as the project design engineer on assigned projects. Follow and inspect the construction progress of assigned projects ensuring conformance with design specifications, codes and standards; Recommend or confirm design changes, material and equipment substitutes; and assure that costs do not exceed appropriated funds by anticipating overruns and justifying supplementary appropriation requests.
    9. Perform a variety of related work such as initiating reports, correspondence and cables relative to assigned projects, assembling performance data and conducting studies relative to the development, procurement or adaptation of equipment; interpret the meaning and application of codes and standards, reviewing operating procedures and safety instructions; act as technical consultant for operating problems.

    Type: Staff / Site, OfficeSalary: TBC

    As part of the Technical Support, Planning & Training Division of the Fire Protection Department (FrPD), the Fire Operations Technical Support Group (FOTSG) consists of six major functions framing the group’s role:
    I. Fire Apparatus Fleet Support Function
    II. ARFF Support Function
    III. Hazmat and Rescue Support Function
    IV. Industrial Fire Operations Support Function
    V. Structural Fire Operations Support Function
    VI. Technical Review Function

    Posted: Mon 31 Aug at 13:30       Expires: Mon 28 Sep at 13:30

  • LiveHSE Manager

    Saudi Arabia > RiyadhHealth & Safety > HSE Manager

    Key Requirements

    - 10+ years HSE industry experience
    - Previous Saudi experience (preferable)
    - Previous Middle Eastern experience (essential)
    - experience of civil engineering projects (essential)
    - experience in residential build projects (preferable)

    Job Description

    - work directly and closely with the MD to strategise HSE policies across multi projects
    - take the lead in company HSE policies and proceedures
    - ensure legal and safe practice across multi projects
    - provide assisatance and advie to HSE advisors on projects

    Type: Staff Positions / OfficeSalary: Not stated

    A Saudi Arabian national contractor are currently looking to hire a HSE Manager to work alongside the Managing Director across multiple projects. The client have recently won an ARAMCO project to build housing complexes on the eastern province of the company and the HSE Manager will play an integral part in that.  The position is to be offered on single or family status and is a full time permanent role however please note schooling fes will not be provided. 

    Posted: Mon 17 Aug at 0:00       Expires: Fri 16 Oct at 0:00

  • LiveHSE Supervisor

    Saudi Arabia > JubailHealth & Safety > HSE

    Key Requirements

    Flights: By Company Experience: 10 Years + Oil And Gas Experience. Rotation: 12 weeks on / 2 weeks off Accommodation: Camp by Company

    Job Description

    Responsibilities: • Support the HSE Manager and team with planning, coordinating and implementing of effective HSE policies, guidelines and procedures to ensure that the department objectives are met. • Provide support to Project and Operation team in all aspects of safety, occupational health, safety and environmental issues. • Support the HSE Manager in ensuring HSE compliance and perform regular HSE audits in the areas of business and vessel operations. • Attend pre-job, planning and client meetings as required on HSE related matters. • Provide support to the dept on the implementation of Company-wide HSE initiatives eg. ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, etc • Assist with developing HSE plans that comply with Company policies and procedures as well as client requirements • Ensure training, tool box meetings, and drills are implemented as part of the company’s offshore training and HSE program, i.e. emergency response systems, etc. • Investigate and complete the process for close out of all Accident Investigation Reports and prepare/submit lessons learned to the Regional HSE Manager for promulgation to the management • Manage Safety Statistic reporting within Singapore. Track and provide regular HSE performance reporting to the Dept head. • Provide HSE aspects of Company Bid Submissions as requested • Assist in the development of project specific HSE procedures. • Conduct HSE trainings and orientation to all new employees. • Ensure all worksites are HSE compliant with Company policies and safety standards. • Support offshore HSE personnels in the development of work site HSE campaigns and good practices. • Assist in ad-hoc HSE tasks/projects as required.

    Type: Long Term Contract / SiteSalary: $45/ Hour

    Midgley Project Solutions has vast experience in delivering specialist management and engineering recruitment providing our clients with unparalleled project solutions at an affordable rate. We provide multinational candidates globally through our strategic international office locations and partnerships. It is our mission to provide a comprehensive service to our clients with our professional project support that ensures all vacancies undertaken are managed and completed to the highest standard of candidates, on time and within budget.

    Posted: Wed 12 Aug at 14:59       Expires: Sun 11 Oct at 14:59

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