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Barge Master

You Can't Apply

This position is no longer open for applications.

Marine/Diving/ROV > Barge Master

Status: Expired


Job Details

Location: Nigeria > Port Harcourt

Salary: Best in offshore industry

Working Locations: Offshore

Posted: 04/10/2011 07:00:00

Expires: 01/11/2011 07:00:00

Key Requirements

We are looking for Barge Masters with at least 10 years experience in offshore industry working with Oil Majors,
Must be a qualified barge master.
Rotation is 3 months on and 1 month...
Language: English / French
Location: NIGERIA
Job Type: one year contract, paid during on

Job Description

The Barge Master is the over all incharge and responsible for the following :

• Ensure that the vessel is anchored safely at all times throughout the construction operations.

• Ensure that all the anchor handling activities are performed by qualified personnel and conducted according to approved procedures and good working practices.

• Delegate and assign the work to the barge crew.

• The Barge Master shall have ultimate responsibility for the anchor handling operations, ensuring that activities are conducted in a safe manner and without damage to any facilities or equipment.

• The Barge Master shall coordinate the anchor handling operations and instruct of the Anchor foreman, communicating and controlling the activities with the AHT Master Anchor Hoist Operators.

• The Barge Master will be competent in all aspects of barge moving, including anchor handling operation, towing, seaworthiness, navigation, appraisal of weather and passage plan,etc….

• He will be responsible for all aspects from the current position until the next location.

• Will, in conjunction with the clinet, responsible for ensuring that all marine operations are conducted in such a manner as to safeguard the integrity of all equipment, barge and vessels.

• Will be responsible for ensuring that all key personnel involved in the barge move receive a detailed briefing prior to the commencement of barge-move operations.

• Will plan regarding the tow route and passage plan, including monitoring the latest information on barge move positions or obstructions that may be in the vicinity along the tow route or the new location.

• Will approve the procedures, risks assessment, catenary calculation,….

• Shall ensure the barge is ready for tow by inspecting the following, including but not limited to: Sea fastenings - Winch and anchor systems -Tow wires and towing arrangements

• Will familiarize himself with details of the arrival location, water depth,

• Shall confirm that the correct position reference has been input into the survey display and that all personnel involved in the barge move (positioning operation) fully understand the target reference position.

• Will familiarize himself with the technical capability of the winch’s system and its components.

• Will be responsible for the correct deployment of anchors and anchor lines associated with the barge move operations and should ensure that the equipment provided is fit-for-purpose.

• Liaise with the client and office on all matters concerning the barge move.

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