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This position is no longer open for applications.

Drilling > Roughneck

Status: Expired

Currently seeking Floorhands with at least one year of recent Floorhand experience to fill over a dozen openings in the Williston, ND area. This is a direct hire opportunity with a large company that offers exceptional benefits! Don't miss out! Apply today! Please send a current resume to dziepaj@sosstaffing.com, or by fax to 919-380-7113.

Job Details

Location: United States > North Dakota

Salary: $26.50/hr plus per diem

Working Locations: Site

Posted: 25/10/2011 15:00:00

Expires: 22/11/2011 15:00:00

Key Requirements

- Must have at least one year of current Floorhand experience.
- Must live within 5 hours of Williston, ND.

Job Description

Similar Jobs to Floorhand

  • LiveCompany Man

    KuwaitDrilling > Company Man

    Key Requirements

    12+ years of experience 6+ years of experience as Company Man

    Job Description

    12+ years of experience 6+ years of experience as Company Man Preferably - European The Company Man is responsible for ensuring that the well is drilled in accordance with the approved drilling program and that all operations are completed on time and within budget. Additionally, the company man is expected to oversee the work and scheduling of all third-party personnel.

    Type: Long Term Contract / Site, Offshore, InternationalSalary: Not stated

    Company Man for a client in Kuwait

    Posted: Thu 15 Sep at 11:01       Expires: Mon 14 Nov at 11:01

  • LiveRig Manager/ Drilling Superintendent

    KuwaitDrilling > Superintendent

    Key Requirements

    12+ years of experience 6+ years of experience as Rig Manager/ Drilling Superintendent

    Job Description

    12+ years of experience 6+ years of experience as Rig Manager/ Drilling Superintendent Location - Kuwait Preferably - Europeans Rotation- 28/28 The Rig Manager position is responsible to ensure that drilling schedules are achieved in compliance with company guidelines, policies and procedures. The position liaises with client representatives and rig site leadership to achieve operational objectives and milestones. The position is responsible for all operations and departments involved with the drilling and completion of the well. Also, to ensure that all work is preformed safety, efficiently and according to procedure.

    Type: Long Term Contract / Site, Offshore, InternationalSalary: Not stated

    Rig Manager/ Drilling Superintendent - Kuwait

    Posted: Thu 15 Sep at 10:58       Expires: Mon 14 Nov at 10:58

  • LiveDrilling Supervisor

    KuwaitDrilling > Supervisor

    Key Requirements

    Over 12 years of experience, Europeans Only, over 6 years working as Drilling Supervisor

    Job Description

    Drilling Supervisor - Kuwait - Onshore/Offshore Over 12 years of experience, Europeans Only, over 6 years working as Drilling Supervisor. Preferably Romania, Poland, Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Georgia and Kazakhstan

    Type: Long Term Contract / Site, InternationalSalary: Not stated

    Drilling Supervisor - Kuwait - Onshore/Offshore

    Posted: Thu 15 Sep at 10:01       Expires: Mon 14 Nov at 10:01

  • Live Drilling Supervisor

    Kuwait > KuwaitDrilling > Supervisor

    Key Requirements

    Education: University degree or equivalent. Experience: 8 years experience as Assistant Driller/Driller/Junior Drilling Engineer/Well Site Drilling Engineer/Drilling Supervisor, with a minimum of three years as Drilling Supervisor. Skills/ Training: 1. A valid IWCF Certificate. 2. The Senior Drilling Supervisor shall be conversant with the Company's Well Control and Blowout Prevention Policy and Procedures and the Company's shallow gas guidelines. 3. Other Courses: A. Well control and blowout prevention B. pS C. Safety courses required to carry out work at site and in accordance with company policy and as required by country law and regulations D. Rules and Regulations

    Job Description

    Responsibilities: 1. To supervise contractors in the execution of all drilling and associated programmes, ensuring that all objectives are met in a safe and efficient manner and in keeping with all regulatory requirements. 2. To co-ordinate and provide the necessary leadership to carry out all activities with respect to the various offshore programmes. To co-ordinate the collection of all data to be transmitted back to the base office, and to ensure the correctness, content and quality of such data. To be the custodian and responsible person for the drilling reporting. 3. To liaise and report directly to the Offshore Installation Manager with a view to keeping him fully abreast of current drilling and associated activity and to make him aware of any condition which may require certain operating conditions or priority setting. 4. To continually monitor the effectiveness of the ongoing process and to report on same. To be able to suggest and discuss any changes which may be required to the programme with a view to improvement. 5. To supervise the maintenance work of drilling related equipment, in accordance with procedures, to ensure safe and efficient operation. 6. To take prompt action, in the event of an emergency within the drilling package, to safeguard life and minimise damage to properties and any detrimental effect on the environment. 7. To evaluate and report on the performance of service contractors to safeguard the technical and commercial interests of the company. 8. To execute thoroughly, any incident investigation, analysis and follow up in order to prevent recurrence. 9. To train, develop and motivate subordinates (also from other disciplines and contractors), and render technical support and guidance with the aim to promote team spirit.

    Type: Staff or Contract / SiteSalary: Not stated

    The Senior Drilling Supervisor is responsible for the supervision and implementation of the well programme, and to ensure that all well operations are conducted in a safe and efficient manner, within the requirements of Company policy

    Posted: Tue 13 Sep at 10:21       Expires: Sat 12 Nov at 10:21

  • LiveTool Pusher

    Kuwait > KuwaitDrilling > TCP

    Key Requirements

    Experience in all phases of onsite drilling operation Well Control certificate - Supervisor level, combined Surface and Subsea BOP Stack (Issued by an institution approved by IWCF) Cyber base experience

    Job Description

    1) Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in drilling oil and gas wells in area consisting of one or more wellsites: Directs workers to erect, dismantle, and move drilling rigs, and drilling crews in setting up and operating power units, draw works and other drilling equipment. 2) Plans delivery of drilling tools, fuel, water, and other supplies for use at drill site. 3) Orders type of drilling bits to be used, according to type of strata encountered. 4) Directs workers in mixing drilling mud and circulating mud in borehole, and in use of special drilling mud to prevent blowouts from gas pressure. 5) Orders installation of control head to control flow when well begins to produce gas or oil. 6) May supervise operations at producing wells to maintain and regulate flow of gas or oil. 7) Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title. 8) May supervise PROSPECTING DRILLERS drilling shallow boreholes for use in seismic prospecting or to obtain core samples and be designated Tool Pusher, Shallow-Exploratory Drilling.

    Type: Staff or Contract / SiteSalary: Not stated

    The Tourpusher is the deputy to the Senior Toolpusher, which means that he/she is the overall responsible of drilling operations as outlined by the Senior Toolpusher. He/she ensures that all drilling operations are carried out in accordance with the fixed programme; supervises the drill crew and drilling equipment as well as the deck crew and other ongoing work on board the rig. On some units, the Tourpusher is called a Lead Driller.

    Posted: Tue 13 Sep at 10:08       Expires: Sat 12 Nov at 10:08

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